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Wai Tsuen Sports Centre Car Park
Tai Wo Hau Sports Centre
Shing Mun Valley Sports Ground
Tsuen King Circuit Sports Centre
Kwai Shing Swimming Pool
A re boxing fitness
Osman Ramju Sadick Memorial Sports Centre
Anytime Fitness Kwai Fong
Quick Charge Fitness 快充健身
瑜心舍 Yoga Club
Anytime Fitness Kwai Hing
Anytime Fitness LKCC
fitness corner
North Kwai Chung Jocky Club Swimming Pool
Om Space Yoga
Wo Yi Hop Road Sports Ground & Golf Centre
Physical Fitness (Kwai Fong)
Our Sky Castle
Athletic Training Performance
Faith Muay Thai & Fitness
MY Yoga Paradise
Aerial Dance Art Concepts
MSW Personal Training
Shek Li Street Tennis Court
Tsuen Wan West Sports Centre
Lai King Sports Centre, Hong Kong
Mingpointfitness (富德拳館)
Rambler Oasis Hotel
Lai Chi Kok Park Sports Centre, Kowloon
Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool
Lai Chi Kok Park Swimming Pool
spinana pole dance and yoga studio
Gymmick 健人優族
Prajna Yoga
STAGE Fitness And Health Club
Cecilia Yoga
Less More Studio
Sun Fitness
Gymer Factory 健身工房
周比利拳館 Billy's Gym Kick Boxing
Times Fitness Studio
iYoga Place 愛瑜家
ATM Yoga
Jump躍 The Fitness Corner
JW yoga and fitness
TT Fly Station
Hong Kong Yoga Studio_lai Chi Kok
Be-withu Club X Easy Fit 樂營型
Goal Fitness
[Be-withu]Nutrition Club x Easy Fit 樂營型
Happiness Yoga Ayurveda
Vegan Fitness 長沙灣店
STAGE Fitness
Cheung Sha Wan Sports Centre
LEISURE and Cultural Services Department fitness room_shatin
Po On Road Sports Centre
Hin King Sports Centre
Shooting Workshop SWS
Little Duck Dance and Arts Academy (Ballet & Jazz) 小鴨子舞蹈藝術學院 (芭蕾爵士舞)
Sham Shui Po Park Swimming Pool
Pei Ho Street Sports Centre
LEISURE and Cultural Services
Tung Chau Street Tennis Court
萬事足 足浴店 泰式按摩 香薰推油 穴位推拿 蒸腳
24/7 Fitness Sham Shui Po
Tung Chau Street Park Squash Centre
Cornwall Street Squash and Table Tennis Centre
LRCF Fitness HK
Azadee Movement Studio
Waterfall Sports & Wellness - 奧運會所
Tai Kok Tsui Sports Centre Fitness Room
Tai Kok Tsui Sports Centre
RMG--Ray’s Muaythai and Fitness Gym
Tai Kok Tsui Swimming Pool
Tai Kok Tsui Swimming Pool
Lotus Thai Boxing and Fitness
Lotus Thai Boxing and Fitness
Bodymind Yoga & Fitness Center
In Express Ltd
SNAP FITNESS 24/7 | Prince Edward ‧ 太子
Tendy Yoga - Prince Edward
Yoga Place - Mong Kok
believe yoga.wellness
Rainbow Yoga
Boundary Street Sports Centre No. 2
M48 Fitness Club (Hong Kong)
M48 Fitness Club (Hong Kong)
Tony's Sports Stretching
Afresh Yoga 太子
Yoga Club
Tung Thai Combat Mong Kok 東泰格鬥 旺角館
Power Boxing
Power Boxing
Pilates Edge
Club hozz
CHI'S Therapy
Simple Life Fitness and Counselling
Simple Life Studio
M48 Wellness Lab
Little Duck Dance and Arts Academy (Ballet & Jazz) 小鴨子舞蹈藝術學院 (芭蕾爵士舞) - 太子分校
Pause, Play & Forward
LRCF Fitness Box - Lion Rock CrossFit
MySpace Fitness Studio_旺角瑜伽(Mong Kok Yoga)
Mong Muay Thai Gym
Yoga Club
Pure Yoga Grand Century Place
Yoga Touch
Fight Factory Gym Limited (FFG)
Kids Playground
翹福堂纖體健康舞&Keep Fit瑜伽課程
Fight Factory Gym Ltd
翹福堂藝術中心 - 旺角
翹福堂纖體健康舞&Keep Fit纖體課程
The Clearwater Bay Golf and Country Club
Dragon Bowling
California FITNESS
Pure Yoga Langham Place Office Tower
Pure Fitness Langham Place Office Tower
Pure Yoga Langham Place Office Tower
California Fitness Mongkok Club
Yat Swimming & Sports Training Centre
mYoga - MongKok
Lithe Yoga
Yat Swimming & Sports Training Centre
Lek Yuen Tennis Court
Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth Momentum Academy
24/7 Fitness Mongkok
Fam Club
Morse Park Sports Centre
fuk tak thai boxing
Wow Fitness
Abira Thai Boxing & Fitness
Inhale Yoga Studio (Yau Ma Tei)
Super muay thai
Physical Fitness & Beauty - Kowloon City
ESF Gymnastics Classes at Kowloon Junior School
Ten To One Muay Thai And Fitness
旺角一合人体充电機 Mini Energize Station Mongkok
24/7 Fitness Wong Tai Sin
星港教育 iGenius Education Centre
Sha Tin Rowing Centre
Anytime Fitness Kowloon City
國際詠春拳術總會梁挺館 International HQ (I.W.T.M.A.A.) Leung Ting Gym
Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions Spare Time Study Centre
Yoga Centre
Ma Tau Wai Service Reservoir Playground
Fu Tak Thai Boxing and Fitness
Fat Kwong Street Sports Centre
Grand Jeté Dance Center/ bungeeworkouthk
SNAP FITNESS 24/7 | To Kwa Wan ‧ 土瓜灣
Yoga Club
武動泰健會 Fight MTFC
Madera Yoga
國粹體育聯會 Guo Sui United Association
國粹體育聯會 Guo Sui United Association
Yoga Fitness HK
24/7 Fitness To Kwa Wan
King's Fitness
The Sweatshop 操場 Strength and Conditioning
TriAngel Yoga
Ho Man Tin Sports Centre
全方位 All Round Beauty
Yoga Cabana Club HK
King Fitness
To Kwa Wan Sports Centre
JM Pilates Studio
To Kwa Wan Sports Centre Fitness Room
Kowloon Park Sports Centre
Hong Kong Physical Fitness Association of China
Optimum Performance Studio
Hong Kong Yoga Association
Spade Boxing Gym
GymBeginner Studio
Aerial Arts Academy
Vegan Fitness
Vegan Fitness 尖沙咀 第二分店
Hong Kong Elite Spirit Taekwondo Club - The Grandwater Front
實用截拳道 Patrick Ko's Jeet Kune Do
Samantha Yoga
Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium
Fitness System
Body Tune
utime Fitness Studios
Fitness First
Fitness First - Harbour City (WCC)
Fame Union Dance Agency
Yoga O Studio
Pro Gymer Fitness
Anytime Fitness
OMG Fitness
Expendables Boxing by Wildcats Gym Co., Ltd.
Aum Yoga and Wellness TST
Ju Yoga & Dance
A Yoga
Sunlight Station - Tanning
Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre 孫悟空泰拳及健身中心
Goji Studios
Surfset Fitness
華昇泰拳拳擊會 Chris Fitness
AUM Yoga Academy
Kowloon Karate-Do Goju-Kai_hung Hom
Tai Wo Sports Centre
Hikari Yoga
Fitness Corner
Full Moon - Macau Jockey Club Members' Club House
F45 Training Sheung Wan
Art Of Living Yoga and Meditation Center
Espada BJJ
Yofi Yoga Studio & College
Pure Yoga Peninsula Office Tower
My Gym Children's Fitness Center
Yoga PLUS Life
Jungle Paradise
Fitness First - Sheraton
Hong Kong Coliseum
BeyondPro Rehab Studio
Fitness Artisan

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Popular classes available near me - reach your fitness goals.

cardio classes

Cardio training is a form of exercise aimed at improving cardiac performance. It is recommended to all people, regardless of age or level of physical condition.

ab/core classes

ABS classes are training dedicated to people with different levels of training. This is a great way to get the abdominal muscle desired by the trainers.


The health benefits are visible after the first training. Yoga stretches the muscles, improves joint mobility, calms and calms the body, and these are just some of its advantages.


Pilates is almost for everyone. It is a universal training strengthening all the muscles of the body. It also improving posture, preventing back pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.

kickboxing classes

Kickboxing is a combat sport that involves punching boxing fists and kicks. Kick-boxing is often associated with mindless beating and kicking on the face, but it's not true.


Boxing by the uninitiated is perceived as a simple and aggressive form of entertainment. Boxing is a noble sport discipline with a rich history dating back to ancient times.

spin classes

Spinning is riding a stationary bike to the rhythm of music. It is a performance training under the supervision of a qualified trainer.

martial arts

Training martial arts brings the same benefits. You will be able to defend on the street, improve your fitness. You understand that in some situations humility is paying off.

strength training

Circuit training is aimed at people who expect fast effects. This type of exercises is for people determined to achieve the goal. Your goal will be slim, athletic figure in a short time.

stretching / flexibility classes

Stretching (stretching) are breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises with relaxing music. Simple exercises from classic yoga and pilates are used in them.

boot camp

Boot camp fitness is a new type of physical activity, which consists of group exercises. If you like adrenaline and new challenges be sure to find out what they look like.

dance classes

Aerobic classes, simple dance systems, shaping all important muscle groups. Then we go to strengthen the abdominal muscles.


Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, combining aerobics with Latin latina dances. Zumba steps and systems are not very complicated and easy to remember.

water fitness

Aqua aerobics is a sport for everyone, regardless of age and condition. Exercises in the water are performed almost effortlessly. They improve the form and sculpt the figure.

sports performance

Personal training for sports performance.


Classes helping to improve baseball skills.


Classes helping to improve volleyball skills.


Classes helping to improve football skills.


Crossfit is a training plan that is an alternative to monotonous exercises at the gym. The exercises performed involve the whole body. We recommend this training if your goal is weight loss.


Karate is 'empty hands' in English translation. The name perfectly reflects the rules prevailing in this martial art - the point is to defeat the opponent.

tai chi

Tai chi is an Old Chinese, reminiscent of slow dance. It combines martial arts and health gymnastics. It can be a way to relax and calm the mind, a kind of meditation.

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