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Popular classes in Fuel For Body Gym - reach your fitness goals.

cardio classes

Cardio training is a form of exercise aimed at improving cardiac performance. It is recommended to all people, regardless of age or level of physical condition. Cardio training helps to lose weight, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and positively affects the functioning of the whole body.
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ab/core classes

ABS classes are training decicated to people with different levels of training. Certainly they will interest both those who want to lose excess pounds and those who want to shape the figure (mainly in the area of abdominal muscles, for which exercises are aimed). This is a great way to get the abdominal muscle desired by the trainers.
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The health benefits are visible after the first training. Yoga stretches the muscles, improves joint mobility, calms and calms the body, and these are just some of its advantages. Despite the rather static nature of the exercises, it turns out that yoga and slimming do not have to be exclusive.
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Pilates is almost for everyone - it is a universal training strengthening all the muscles of the body, improving posture, preventing back pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.
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Kick-boxing is a combat sport that involves punching boxing fists and kicks. Kick-boxing is often associated with mindless beating and kicking on the face, but it's not true. Kick-boxing is a beautiful, but also demanding combat sport.
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Boxing by the uninitiated is perceived as a simple and aggressive form of entertainment. Many people are discouraged by myths about cut eyebrows, black eyes and broken teeth. Boxing is a noble sport discipline with a rich history dating back to ancient times.
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spin classes

Spinning is riding a stationary bike to the rhythm of music that changes during the course of the exercise. It is a performance training under the supervision of a qualified trainer. Diversified rhythm and positions cause that you can not get bored in these exercises!
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martial arts

Training martial arts brings the same benefits: you will be able to defend on the street, improve your fitness and understand that in some situations humility is paying off.
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strength circuit

Circuit training is aimed at people who expect fast effects. The variety of peripheral exercises and the fact that the training easily adapts to individual needs makes it the most often chosen by people determined to achieve the goal - slim, athletic figure in a short time.
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stretching / flexibility classes

Stretching (stretching) are breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises with relaxing music. Simple asanas from classic yoga and pilates are used in them. The coach usually offers - depending on the condition and advancement of the group - three versions of each exercise: easy, medium and difficult. Contrary to appearances, stretching is not a lazy form of fitness. By doing these exercises, you can get really tired.
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boot camp

Boot camp fitness is a new type of physical activity, which consists of group exercises, seemingly like training American recruits. If you like adrenaline and new challenges, and you still do not know what boot camp is, be sure to find out what they look like.
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Aerobic classes, simple dance systems, shaping all important muscle groups, and combinations of exercises strengthening thighs and buttocks. Then we go to strengthen the abdominal muscles. We end with relaxation, with romantic music, stretching all muscles. Classes recommended for people who want to burn unnecessary calories, improve fitness and slim figure.
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Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, combining aerobics with Latin latina dances, and sometimes with strength exercises. Zumba steps and systems are not very complicated and easy to remember, and there are no mirrors in the exercise rooms, so as not to be stressed by dance busts. Because zumba classes are to be primarily pleasant!
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water fitness

Aqua aerobics is a sport for everyone, regardless of age and condition. Exercises in the water are performed almost effortlessly, yet they improve the form, sculpt the figure and perfectly relax. Even the overweight, bad shape, back or knee pain are not a hindrance to gymnastics in the water. You can train yourself or under the supervision of an instructor.
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sports performance

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fitness camps

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Classes helping to improve baseball skills.
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Classes helping to improve voleyball skills.
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Classes helping to improve football skills.
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kid's clubs

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pole fitness

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Crossfit is a training plan that is an alternative to monotonous exercises at the gym. The exercises performed involve the whole body, with particular emphasis on the buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles. Crossfit gives quick results in the form of a dream figure, but it requires from the practitioner a lot of determination in pursuing this goal.
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Karate is 'empty hands' in English translation. The name perfectly reflects the rules prevailing in this martial art - the point is to defeat the opponent, without using any other weapon than the strength of your own body.
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tai chi

Tai chi is an Old Chinese, reminiscent of slow dance, an unusual form of movement that has made a career in the Western world. It combines martial arts and health gymnastics, it can be a way to relax and calm the mind, a kind of meditation.
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Address of Fuel For Body Gym

  • BTM Layout, Bengaluru

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