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Clodio Fitness

address: Viale Platone, 13, Roma

The Flow - Tai Chi Chuan

address: Via Francesco Massi, 10, Roma

Club Lanciani

address: Via di Pietralata, 135, Roma

Centro Pilates Yoga Roma

address: Viale Ettore Franceschini, 144, Roma

Boxing-Gym Srl

address: Viale dei Parioli, 162, Roma

FM 2000 New Gym

address: Via degli Ormeggi, 22, Roma

Fisionuoto Wellness Di Cmk Srl

address: Via Premuda, 12, Roma

Hotel Palladium Palace

ranking: 3.9 / 5
address: Via Gioberti, 36, Roma

Formae Health Center a.s.d.

address: Via Pian di Sco, 22, Roma

A S Azzurro Sporting Club 94

address: 266/A, Via Della Magliana, Roma, RM 00146, Roma

Accademia del Nuoto

address: Via Poggio Ameno, 61, Roma

Palestra - Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Big

address: Via della Bufalotta, 288, Roma

Stadio Danilo Vittiglio

address: Via di Portonaccio, 568, Roma

Hotel Diocleziano

ranking: 4.2 / 5
address: Via Gaeta, 71, Roma

Ssd Donna Sporting Clur Arl

address: Via Arturo Graf, 77, Roma

Polisportiva G. Castello

address: Via Sannio, 38, Roma

Anytime Fitness Palestra Viale Libia

address: Viale Libia, 152, Roma

The Bridge Fitness

address: Via Francesco Antonio Pigafetta, 86, Roma

Asd Lifefitness

address: Via Candia, 98, Roma

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