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cardio classes

Cardio training is a form of exercise aimed at improving cardiac performance. It is recommended to all people, regardless of age or level of physical condition.
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ab/core classes

ABS classes are training dedicated to people with different levels of training. This is a great way to get the abdominal muscle desired by the trainers.
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The health benefits are visible after the first training. Yoga stretches the muscles, improves joint mobility, calms and calms the body, and these are just some of its advantages.
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Pilates is almost for everyone. It is a universal training strengthening all the muscles of the body. It also improving posture, preventing back pain resulting from a sedentary lifestyle.
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kickboxing classes

Kickboxing is a combat sport that involves punching boxing fists and kicks. Kick-boxing is often associated with mindless beating and kicking on the face, but it's not true.
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Boxing by the uninitiated is perceived as a simple and aggressive form of entertainment. Boxing is a noble sport discipline with a rich history dating back to ancient times.
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spin classes

Spinning is riding a stationary bike to the rhythm of music. It is a performance training under the supervision of a qualified trainer.
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martial arts

Training martial arts brings the same benefits. You will be able to defend on the street, improve your fitness. You understand that in some situations humility is paying off.
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strength training

Circuit training is aimed at people who expect fast effects. This type of exercises is for people determined to achieve the goal. Your goal will be slim, athletic figure in a short time.
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stretching / flexibility classes

Stretching (stretching) are breathing, relaxing and stretching exercises with relaxing music. Simple exercises from classic yoga and pilates are used in them.
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boot camp

Boot camp fitness is a new type of physical activity, which consists of group exercises. If you like adrenaline and new challenges be sure to find out what they look like.
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dance classes

Aerobic classes, simple dance systems, shaping all important muscle groups. Then we go to strengthen the abdominal muscles.
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Zumba is a dance aerobic workout, combining aerobics with Latin latina dances. Zumba steps and systems are not very complicated and easy to remember.
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water fitness

Aqua aerobics is a sport for everyone, regardless of age and condition. Exercises in the water are performed almost effortlessly. They improve the form and sculpt the figure.
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sports performance

Personal training for sports performance.
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fitness camps

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Classes helping to improve baseball skills.
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Classes helping to improve volleyball skills.
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Classes helping to improve football skills.
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kids clubs

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pole fitness

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Crossfit is a training plan that is an alternative to monotonous exercises at the gym. The exercises performed involve the whole body. We recommend this training if your goal is weight loss.
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Karate is 'empty hands' in English translation. The name perfectly reflects the rules prevailing in this martial art - the point is to defeat the opponent.
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tai chi

Tai chi is an Old Chinese, reminiscent of slow dance. It combines martial arts and health gymnastics. It can be a way to relax and calm the mind, a kind of meditation.
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laundry service
child care
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spa services / day spa
physical therapy
locker rental
TV's on cardio machines
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meeting space
sport shop

courts / studios

tennis court
squash court
volleyball court
football court
basketball court
swimming pool
climbing wall
stretching area
yoga studio
pilates studio
spin studio


elliptical machines
exercise bikers
stair climbers
rowing machine
free weights
cable machines
selectorized machines
stability balls
resistance bands
medicine balls
pilates reformer
boxing equipment
foam rollers



2023-02-10 15:01:26
Move by BJC
On February 23, Lunch & Learn with Move from 11am-1 pm to learn all about prioritizing your self-care habits from o… https://t.co/IvP28Sqb6l
2023-02-08 23:55:10
Move by BJC
We're bringing you a 3-part #WednesdayWorkout Series this February for Heart Month! Don't forget to warm up and coo… https://t.co/2cpLZWaw6N
2023-02-08 11:00:43
Move by BJC
Midweek energy = shake it off and leave it all on the bike! 🔥 🚴‍♀️ 💦 🚴‍♀️ Wednesday, Spinning with Reyna Spencer @… https://t.co/vTPURtaDdM
2023-02-07 15:00:55
Move by BJC
Got sweet plans this Valentine's Day? Make them sweeter with our February Massage Special at Move! 🧖 💝 Book two 60… https://t.co/DXyj5VFfxW
2023-02-06 15:00:50
Move by BJC
At Move, we recognize the importance of understanding cultures and the value of coming together to inspire and cele… https://t.co/fDQEsp4kmi
2023-02-03 15:00:48
Move by BJC
On February 18, kickoff the first Fitness Fest of 2023 at Move! Starting at 8am, we have an old school jam lineup y… https://t.co/uwJnT6VvNX
2023-02-01 15:25:24
Move by BJC
Set a timer for 20 minutes and complete as many rounds as possible! No dumbbells? No problem! Use anything you have… https://t.co/xJ97tvwzVJ
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Kick off the first Lunch & Learn of the year at Move TODAY with exercise Physiologist and Assistant Manager, Bake M… https://t.co/Ng10x0zZmg
2023-01-25 15:28:33
Move by BJC
Doors will open at Move today from 12-9pm! See you then!
2023-01-25 15:01:52
Move by BJC
We've got some LEG DAY inspiration for you! 🙌 Build up your leg day routine with this lower-body kettlebell workou… https://t.co/nj0LUNjvzj
2023-01-25 04:39:49
Move by BJC
Move will not be opening for regular hours tomorrow, January 25. However, there is a chance we will open our doors… https://t.co/qbfel65tRC
2023-01-25 00:56:13
Move by BJC
⚠️ WINTER STORM WARNING ⚠️ We are keeping an eye on the weather and will update you if hours at Move change. Check… https://t.co/yX6qzFpfhS
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Move by BJC
Shake off your nerves. There's no judgment at Move! 🤝 😊 ✨ #MotivationMonday #MondayMotivationhttps://t.co/KjShUe5rnS
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Move by BJC
Be the first to experience our NEW LesMills classes at Move by BJC this weekend from 8am-12pm. Each class is only 3… https://t.co/CIswfzDUTL
2023-01-18 15:01:47
Move by BJC
This kettlebell workout will hit your arms in all the right places! Complete 3x, and don't forget to rest. ⌚️ 💦 🔗… https://t.co/92Knp8a4Uf
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Move by BJC
We had some fun for #NationalVisionBoardDay! We hope Move continues to be a part of your new year plans and fitness… https://t.co/enHNNecMyv

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